What is the best gaming pc build I can get for about $1200?

Hey, I'm trying to build a nice gaming PC for about $1200. I'm aiming for at least i5 or i7 and a 1TB hard drive. So far, that's what I thought of. I'm kind of lost with the rest. Can anyone help? Is this a reasonable price for a good gaming PC? Thanks alot! :D
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  1. What types of features are you wanting? xfire or sli, and whatnot?
  2. I'm not sure which one. Crossfire and SLI both seem good. So whichever you believe is to be the best I guess. lol
  3. oh and I'm going to use it mainly for gaming and rendering videos.
  4. it all depends on the type of gaming you want. 3d? multiple monitors? Your needs as a gamer is where choosing your hardware comes into play
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  6. Lol I don't think I'll need those extra things. Just a nice gaming PC
    One monitor, and to play the latest games without and LAG and also be able to render videos. Stuff like that
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