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I was wondering on the Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H motherboard would I be able to SLi two GTX 560's and not lose performance? Because on the slots theres one x16, one x8, and a third one x4.

Do I need to buy a new motherboard or can I get away with SLi'ing the two cards together one in the x16 slot and the other in the x8 slot?
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  1. If you SLI 2 560s on that board, both PCIe slots will run at x8, as the 2nd slot will share bandwidth with the first, but the performance drop between x16 and x8 is negligible. That board will be fine.
  2. Alright just making sure before I decide to buy a second GTX 560, I did look at benchmarks and the performance didn't change by a wide eye on x8 motherboards and such.
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