Question about temps of laptop, please help

So I recently just got a HP Compaq 8510p with Vista SP1 I was annoyed that the fan always spun and never slowed down after I played one game of anything so I checked the temps with HWmonitor and I noticed that there was a reading listed as TZ0 that was 70C and as far as I can tell it never moves no matter what I do. All of the other temps read fine as far as I can tell, the only hot spot is right under the touchpad where I believe the wireless card is located. The temps are as follows while idling:

TZ2_ 40C
TZ0_ 70C
TZ1_ 45C
TZ3_ 41C
TZ4_ 20C
TZ5_ 65C
Local 43C
Remote1 40C

core 2 duo T7300 temps are 45C and 46C
HD is 38C
Radeon 2600 is 20C

while playing a game the cpu will hit 75C and the gpu about 30C or so according to HWmonitor

Upon seeing this I downloaded speed fan and that told me the same temps except there was a flaming reading called ACPI that read 70C and never fluctuated so I assume this is the same sensor as the TZ0 in HW monitor.

Any thoughts on what this reading could be and if I should be worried about it?
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  1. TZ0 would be the first sensor or probably the warning value to set off a temperature alarm. If you look in the BIOS it's probably set to 70c.
  2. anyone have any idea what TZ5 could be? After playing a bit of Battlefield Bad Company 2 I was shocked to see that it reached a max of 94C. I think it is something near that hotspot under the touchpad cause that one spot was really hot after I checked.

    On a side note I noticed that the TZ0 reading went up to 85C while I was playing and then promptly went back down to 70C and not a single degree lower than that.
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