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CPU Issues after Weekend of Gamer Ecstacy

Hey Guys,

I built my first computer with the below components after much research and questions on this forum--thx by the way. It's been a blast. I was one of many who had the privelege of testing Star Wars: The Old Republic this past weekend and logged many many hours online. For the first time since building my rig (about 5 months) the computer froze while playing SWTOR this past Monday. After rebooting and checking my bios, it read my cpu temp in the red (150+ degrees F). Never happened before. Now after the testing period is over, I removed the downloaded program, downloaded coretemp, and tested it with something easy (Dragon Age 2--which I played before without issues). Core temp showed my cpu idling at 40 C (which I've read as normal) but shooting in the red after a couple of mins of playtime.

I took out and reapplied my thermopaste, reseated my FACTORY heatsink and visually confirmed cpu fan rotation. Even got an air blaster and went nuts on all my fans. I still have the problem. Before getting a Hyper 212+ (which I actually already ordered online just in case) I had to ask: could there be anything in the game code I downloaded for SWTOR that could leave my cpu/system so dysfunctional? I havent run a viral check, and I'll do so when I get home today, but I just havent heard anyone else having this issue on the SWTOR forums. Thanks for any and all insight on this.

Intel i7 2600K--NOT overclocked, at factory speed
ASUS P8P67 Pro
GTX 460
G Skill 8GB (4GBx2)
Corsair TX750
Samsung F3 1 TB
Vertex2 SSD 60 GB
HAF 932 Full Tower Case--ALL fans blasted with condensed air
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  1. intel heatsink is not good enough, i believe its an overheating issue
  2. Gotcha. I will install the Hyper 212+ and post again if it's a fix. I guess I'm embarassed that in the last 5 months I havent stressed my rig enough to heat the cpu. I gotta play more difficult games or get a more robust stats program...
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    The stock HSF (heatsink/fan) should do fine under normal conditions. Most of the time if you are running stock HSF and heating you will find that the HSF wasn't properly seated. You can test this by simply reaching in and pulling straight up on each of the twist pins in order. If you can pull any of them straight up then it wasn’t seated right. If you are going to be running hot then the looking for a good 3rd party HSF will help. I have the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ and it does fine for me with a mild overclock on my Intel Core i7-2600K.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  4. Thought I'd give some followup.

    I messed around with the Intel Heatsink so much that, in my angst in ensuring good seating on my mobo, a pin broke.

    Finally my Hyper 212+ arrived from newegg. I installed it and it works like a freaking charm. Temps all around 25-30 degrees and no more stalls. Played another beta testing weekend and with all the major hours online had no issues.

    Hyper 212+ ftw!
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