Old sound card vs new onboard sound?


Currently my computer audio comes from the Realtek ALC889 onboard audio on my MSI 790FX-GD70 motherboard and I recently got the thought of taking the dedicated sound card from my old computer (around 2004) and use that instead of the onboard sound. I don't know which is best though, people tend to say that a dedicated sound card is better than onboard sound but would such an old sound card really be better than such a modern onboard sound? The sound card is a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 so it's a rather decent but old soundcard I guess.

So what should I do? Move over the sound card or keep on using my onboard sound?
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  1. I would not be bothered with the card since onboard HD is fine.
  2. Alot depends on the quality of your speakers too.
  3. id still use your old soundcard instead of the onboard one. you paid for the features so why not use it? including ASIO, FX, Quality etc.

    onboard sound device are fine. but there is no way it can beat a true dedicated sound card.
  4. A dedicated soundcard is wasted on crappy $100 dollar computer speakers.
  5. The Realtek ALC889 is currently having updated drivers/fixes written for it.
    I doubt Creative is updating the drivers for a 7 year old card.

    You can get a new Asus Xonar DG (PCI) sound card for $17.50, after $10 mail in rebate.
  6. popatim said:
    Alot depends on the quality of your speakers too.

    My speakers are Corsair SP2500 (2.1). I guess they're somewhat good quality, depending on how much of an audiophile you are.
  7. Same situation here. Wondering if the Audigy 2 ZS with Windows 7 drivers is even worth the PCI slot and power draw or if ALC889 is the ticket until I buy a better card down the road.

    Strictly from a FPS/Gaming standpoint however. If it helps free up some performance not having to reference the on board sound I'm all for it. If it won't matter in games I'll probably toss the old card.

  8. I have boards with ALC889 and they all sport discrete soundcards now.
    One includes an Audigy 2 ZS which sounds much better then onboard btw.
    I'd put the Audigy 2 in,no doubt in my mind.
    Do a comparison and hear for yourself.
  9. 10-4.

    Easy plug and try. Thanks.
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