Direct x 11 ompliant video cards

I am looking for a pretty cheap price wise, direct x 11 comliant video card with at least 2 gb's on board.
Any suggestionsd out there?
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  1. The following HD 5450 is the cheapest DX11 card with 2GB of RAM that you can buy.

    However, don't expect to play games with that card. It is too slow to even use 1GB of RAM. Even the faster HD 5670 hardly gets any increased performance going from 512MB of RAM to 1GB of RAM.
  2. Evga GTs 450 for $90, it drops $30 in 5 months...
  3. What is the purpose of this card?
  4. bystander said:
    What is the purpose of this card?

    I am trying to run a computer graphics porgram, that require 2 gb's in order to run it, and has to be x11 compliant.
  5. Are you sure it looks for 2gig in the video card or in the computer? That's a bit of an odd requirement for a program as 2 gig cards are not very common even in many pro cards.
  6. It says it must be AMD Phenom Black edition or higher 2gb direct x 11 video card. I admit I am a rookie when it comes to knowledge about the new video boards out there. I am hoping I can work with this new CG program I have, so thought I would give it a go and see what cards were out there. When I started seeing prices anywhere from $400 to $1500, I thought I had better seek out some expert advice. I will not be using it for games so I am not about the speed being super fast or anything on refresh rate.
  7. AMD Phenom is a CPU. Post exactly what is on the box with the punctuation in between.

    You probably need a fast CPU, 2 gig of RAM, and a DX11 card. Not a 2 gig DX 11 card. Commas and periods make a big difference :-)
  8. Ok, here is exactly what the program says are minimum requirements for the program. Hardware Mimimum requirements:

    Intel pentium 4 or higher , AMD opteron
    2 GB ram
    1 GB ram
    three button mouse

    Hardware recommend System:
    intel core 17 or higher, AMD Phenom black edition or higher
    2gb direct x 11 compliant video card

    I have a AMD athlon 11 x2 235e duel core processor
    6 GBs of ram
    Nvidia get force 6150se integrated card which is not x11 compliant.

    When I run the program, it tells me I need the direct x 11 video card.
  9. You are doing the right thing. It was just an odd requirement, so people wanted to be sure they are steering you right.
  10. OK, appreciate your help. I may purchase a card then.
  11. Exactly what CG program are you referring to?
  12. So looks like you don't "need" a 2 gig card, that's recommended specs. You probably also want a pro level card like a Quadro or a FireGL. You have a good RAM amount for rendering (as long as you have a 64 bit system, the CPU could use a bit of an upgrade, and for a card, you'll need to spend $200+ if you want to set up the computer to run properly with any pro graphics program. You don't need a pro card to run it, but it won't be "certified" unless you do.

    Here is a list of "pro" cards from newegg with DX11 compatability

    Need to keep in mind when looking at the prices, these cards are made to be used with $1,000 + pieces of software running on $2,000 workstations with techs who can earn $40+ /hr.
  13. Well, I have the 64 bit, windows 7 pro. system running so I got that part down anyway. Any recommendation on a CPU upgrade.

    The program I am attempting to run is Mach Studio PRO. It is about a 4 grand program, and they just started offering it as free ware. From what could gather from the tuts and illustrations, it looks like it can be a good program. The company had some long winded reason for why they decided to give it away.

    If you would like the address to download it, let me know and I will send it to you. It is pretty large as compressed it is 504 megs.

    Thanks again for the info.
  14. Well, if you just want to learn how to use Mach Studio PRO, then a gaming card would be enough instead of having to buy a workstation video card. However, it seems the program will rely on the video card for some of rendering. Therefore, the question is how much money are you willing to spend.

    The HD 5450 I recommend would work with the program, but it's graphics processing ability is rather limited so your rending time will be slow. While a DX11 video card with 2GB of RAM is recommended, you can get away with 1GB. So it basically goes back to how much money are you willing to spend?

    As for a CPU recommendation, the easy answer would be the Core i5-2500k. But it all depends on your budget.
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