PSU click but no power

Hi everyone,

I hope you can help me with my power supply problem.

My power supply is a NZXT HALE90 1000W power supply (way more than I really need)
I was on my pc and it completely shut down. I couldn't reboot. I re-plugged the psu and still no power. I checked the wiring, still nothing.

When the psu is plugged in, power does go through because the motherboard power and reset button both light up.

I did notice that after unplugging and plugging the power on and then pressing the power button (both onboard and through the case) I hear a click sound from the psu but the fan doesn't spin and no power to anywhere else.
I removed it and did the paper clip test (With a 12v fan as a load). Same issue, there's a click but the fan doesn't spin.

Is my psu dead? can there be someway to determine it? Or can it be fixed with some trick?

tl;dr- psu makes a click sound but it has no power

thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. PSU problem proofed with a paperclip test! RMA if under warranty!
  2. The click may be the PSU protection device (like a circuit breaker) shutting it down. It will do this either because something connected to it is causing an overload (short circuit) or there is an internal problem with the PS (same result of short circuit). Do not repeatedly try to get it to work. The over current protection can fail after repeated cycles. You could damage the rest of the system. Remove the PS and take it to shop where they can test it, or return it to NZXT (NZXT HALE90 power supply units receive a 5 year warranty).GL
  3. Thanks rolli59 and DogSnake for your advice!

    It's probably dead, i'll go to a shop and double check it. I'm going to RMA it afterwards.
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