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Hello everyone, I am building a new PC but I'm doing it part by part due to finances. So far I've gotten my case a PSU an SSD Hd an ASRock Extreme4 mobo and a video card so I'm missing the CPU and some memory. Well when I first got my PSU I put it in the case hooked the case lighting up and jumped the green / black wires of the PSU and flipped it on and it works great psu lights/fan lights up as did all my case lights/ fans. Last night I got the motherboard in and I went ahead and mounted it in the case and hooked the psu to it got the video card mounted the harddrive hooked up and everything ready to click the memory in and seat the CPU and fire it up; however after hooking everything up I just wanted to see if the psu and case lighting would run with the case power switch however when I plug it up and turn the psu on and click the power button I get nothing. PSU doesn't come on case fans don't come on nothing comes on if I just the green / black wires everything will come on again. Is something bad or am I just being impatient and need the CPU and memory to fire it all up ?
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  1. Could be that the motherboard detects that it is not in a bootable state and simply doesn't even attempt to start the PSU.
  2. Is there a light on your motherboard that indicates any power on the 5V or 12V rail? Or are any LED's illuminated?
    Is the case fan connected to your MOBO or directly to the PSU?
  3. No lights or anything that I can see it literally does nothing and the case fans are hooked to the PSU directly but like I said not even the PSU fan or LED is coming on when I push the power button on the case
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