Dual monitors

hi everyone. I am trying to run security cameras on another monitor other than my main computer one, but the live pics wont show. When i drag it back to the main monitor they are fine.

however, when i run previous footage...the video images are fine!!

Do you think I need a decent graphics card or is a resolution thing?

My main computer monitor is 22" and the other monitor is 32" (which im trying to run the cameras on)

thanks heaps

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  1. What do you have? Maybe your hardware can't support it, maybe it's just a setting in CCC. No one would know without your specs.
  2. Hi sorry.
    3.6 GHZ intel core 2
    windows 7
    2GB Ram
    what else would you need to know?

    .... im thinking its only an onboard graphics card so thats the problem?

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