Red cpu LED, no post

Looking for some suggestions for my problem. I've just bought a new case, PSU and second graphics card for my computer. after installing the mobo in the new case and getting everything set up (should've tested first, but oh well) I've found that when I power up the computer I just get the red cpu led and no post.

no for the things I've tried.

- taking out the second graphics card
- taking out both graphics cards
- disconnecting new HDD
- disconnecting everything
- remove mobo from case and test on mobo box (kept the old thing)
- try old PSU
- try another random PSU
- remove CMOS battery and clear CMOS via pins
- reseated the CPU

the only thing I haven't tried yet is testing the mobo with a new CPU and testing the CPU in a different mobo, I'll be trying that tonight.

basically from the forum I'm looking for suggestions from the community, advice from anyone who's had the issue and any input from anyone who's had to return a mobo to Asus and if it sounds like that's an option for me.

thanks all! rememeber, NO POST, Red CPU LED
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  1. Hi...

    It would be nice if you had given us your config......

    Start by checking if the psu has been plugged in properly :

    follow this video setup (2 or 3 plugs depending on motherboard generation

    If it's ok, Remove the memory and try to boot, if you get beeps it means the mobo and cpu are fine: if not the cpu or mobo has problems

    Good luck
  2. yea, I meant to add the configuation - sorry.

    Processor: AMD FX-6200
    Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990 FX
    Memory: Cosair vengence 2x4gig 1866mhz
    Graphics Card: Sapphire 6870 x2
    PSU: Antec 750w modular
    Case: NXZT Switch 810
    Optics: Lite-on DVD-RW
    Storage: Kingston HyperX 120gig SSD
    Samsung 500gig hdd x2
    Custom liquid cooling loop + buttload of fans
  3. So I've tried replacing the CPU to make sure it was not the issue, went to microcenter and bought a Phenom II x3 B73, put it in the motherboard. Red CPU LED is still lite up, no post, fans do come on though. is this sounding like a bad motherboard to you guys?

    if so any tips for calling Asus? what should I have ready for them to make this a speedy process..
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