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Hey guys,

I have a question regarding how to limit the bandwidth on a computer in my home network. I have a Linksys WRT54G router. My Xbox 360 Slim connects to the network wirelessly and I have a decent enough connection. However, we have a 1.5 meg download so when my sister starts streaming videos online, I lag to a point where I cannot play online.

I am aware that my router has a QoS settings. It has 3 sections: Device Priority; Ethernet Port Priority; and Application Priority. Under Device Priority I entered my Xbox 360's MAC Address and set the priority to "High." That didn't seem to work too well, so I also added 3 ports that Xbox Live uses under the Application Priority section to "High." That didn't really work either. I don't really know how to limit the bandwidth on that computer. It connects through an Ethernet port I might add.

If anyone could tell me what I may be doing wrong, I would be very appreciative.
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  1. Have you tried setting your sister's MAC/IP to a lower priority? Some QoS routers configure the priorities automatically if not manually set (It's supposed to prioritize gaming over other things though).
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