Computer is going REALLY slow after power outage

Earlier today the friendly people from Edison came to my house and cut out my power for some reason or another. Simultaneously, my desktop decides that it wants to run REALLLLYY SLOOOOWWWW. the windows pop up in slow motion and it took a good 8 minutes to reboot when just yesterday it took about 1 minute.

So I'm assuming that shutting my power off had something to do with my issue (i have a surge protector). Possibly messed up the power supply or CPU... idk, I'm clueless about this one!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading,
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  1. I would start by shutting down and reset BIOS to defaults!
  2. rolli59 said:
    I would start by shutting down and reset BIOS to defaults!

    I have RAID-1... will resetting the BIOS mess with the content on the hdd(s)?
  3. No, it shouldn't. The BIOS lives on the motherboard, independently of your drives.
  4. I bought a Tripp Lite battery backup (of course before I read APC was superior) and it works (in case this might happen again).

    I would try testing the RAM.
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