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Aspire 5251-1513 AMD V120 to AMD N660 Processor

Has anyone done it?

I replaced my AMD V120 with an N660 and had nothing but trouble with apps crashing and bsod's. I wonder if it's a compatibility issue or just a faulty processor I got.

Can anyone confirm it is from their own experience since Acer can't.

My motherboard:

Model JE50_DN (Socket S1G4)
Version V2.14
Chipset Vendor AMD
Chipset Model 785GX
Chipset Revision 00
Southbridge Vendor AMD
Southbridge Model SB850
Southbridge Revision 40
System Temperature 59 °C
Brand Acer
Version V2.14
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  1. Seems like it shold work, might the factory ram be out of spec with the new cpu's built in memory controller. The original v120 used DD3-1066 and the n660 might have defaulted to its ddr3-1333. I would try to turn the ram speed down, not sure if its possible in your acer...

    Also this might help, but the n660 isnt listed
  2. Thanks for that comparability list!

    I see the x920, even though it's a whopping 20W higher, is listed there as compatible and, like the N660, it too states it's fastest supported memory is DDR3-1333.

    Anyway, doesn't that just mean DDR3-1600 isn't supported?
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    The speed listing on the processor is what the stock speed is. What your motherbd or ram is capable of is another matter.

    Since you hadn't mentioned changing the ram I assume that the original ram is still in the unit and it may be set to run at speeds its not capable of. Go into the bios and see if you can lower the ram speed.
  4. Thanks and sorry about that.

    In looking at my specs, I thought I got the max RAM both in size and speed @ 8GB DDR3 1066, before the CPU change. The original was 2GB 1066.

    Did I think wrong? Since all this CPU upgrade business, I've come to learn that recommends DDR3-1333 as an optional upgrade for my beast but I wonder if my Acer JE50_DN (Socket S1G4) motherboard will just run it at 1066 and not help any with regard to the N660.

    Unfortunately, even with the latest flash, my BIOS v2.14 doesn't have the ability to clock anything, as far as I can tell, it is pretty basic. Mind you, I've never been in this deep before so perhaps I'm missing it. Hmmm, screen shoots of the BIOS, is it possible? Is there a tool external to the BIOS to clock it?

    Thanks for the support.
  5. Thanks for all the support, it's all good now!

    The only thing different is the processor, the one I had initially must have been faulty.
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