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Hey guys I'm building a rig for my friend and this is my first time going intel so have a few questions. I know the 3570K is the *** so thats the cpu i'm getting but don't know what mobo to get. He wants to spend $100 - $200 on one and it has to be able to use an AMD graphics card. I don't know anything about the chipsets either do I want a Z77? if you can't suggest some mobos I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance
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  1. If your overclocking and/or using multiple graphics cards you want the Z77.

    If your not overclocking and/or using a single graphics card you want a H77.
  2. Ah yes forgot to mention that I would like the possibility of corssfire and overclocking so that means I would go with a Z77 I guess? But is there anything specific I need to look for to run AMD crossfire with Intel mobo? And If you were to buy a mobo for $200 or less what one would you get/reccomend?
  3. Asus is the premium name for motherboards (with prices to match). Gigabyte, ASRock, MSI, and EVGA all make good boards as well. Check out Newegg and find a Z77 board that meets all your requirements.
  4. Ok so ANY Z77 with 2 PCI E x16 slots will run crossfire? It doesn't have to say crossfire x ready or anything?
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    You want a board that has PCI-e slots that do 16x/0x and 8x/8x. That means when one GPU is in, it will get 16 pci-e lanes and the other (empty) socket will get zero. If both sockets are full, each will get 8 pci-e lanes.

    Some cheaper boards limit their 2nd slot to 4x which generally isn't enough for SLI/Crossfire.

    Something like this would work. Although there are cheaper options.
  6. I thought if i plugged 2 cards into 2 PCI-e x16 slots then they would both run at 16x? And if I were to use a 16x and 8x then they would both run at 8x right? What your saying is the two 16x lanes would run at 8x when corssfired?
  7. The two 16x slots share a total of 16 lanes. If you have two GPUs in, a good motherboard will detect that and split the lanes 8x/8x. Some cheaper motherboards will run the first slot at 16x and then the other slot will only get 4x. Since when you run SLI/Crossfire you are limited by your weakest GPU, the card getting only 4x will slow the whole system down because of a bandwidth bottleneck.
  8. Ok thanks for clearing that up subasteve. So there is nothing that limits an Intel mobo from supporting crossfire other than the number of PCI-e slots?
  9. Right, no problems with AMD GPU on an Intel board.
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