Converting Laptop Monitor to Desktop

This is a project for me and i greatly appreciate all the help I can get on it.

First o fall i have a Compaq Presario CQ50 laptop.

Due to the power button being crushed it doesn't work anymore.. The monitor although works fine.

Project Goal:

My goal is to convert this monitor over so i can use it as a display for another computer. I.E. i want to take the current cable it has and wire it into a VGA cable so i can plug it into a second slot on a desktop.

- Because i will be turning this monitor into a Home projector essentially.
- Because i want to build it from scratch. I could go blow $600 on a projector, but I would rather make one.

Any questions let me know!!

Thanks in advance guys.

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  1. No answers then? hmm.. i'll see if i can find the wiring diagram..
  2. u will have to check the lcd connector diagram with the company and then assemble it on customized pcb and then connect the vga cable to use as a lcd monitor.u will hv to customized the lcd stand of luck. ne update do let me know.
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