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I realize that this isn't a cellular question, but as this seems to be
the most popular newsgroup for bluetooth.....

My office is looking to buy several of the Philips Bluetooth portable
LCD monitors (with detatchable keyboard). What we're concerned with
(and which nobody here is familiar enough with BT to answer it) is if
we have multiple copies of the same device running BT, will there be
problems with interference / cross signaling? Does each individual BT
device have the ability to select an available frequency (like how
wireless RF keyboard/mice combos allow you to syncronize)

Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide!

Mike Logue
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    you wont have any problems. Bluetooth is designed in very robust way.
    You will need a lot of Bluetooth devices before you will have any
    noticable problems. Bluetooth uses frequency hopping changing
    frequencies about 1200 times per second.

    check: they should have some basic descriptions

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