Msi HD 6850 just bought need help

I just bought a new power supply, case, and the msi hd 6850. I swapped the guts from my HP like I said I was goin to do in this post here

I did the upgrade but when I was installing the drivers for my card a message popped up saying catalyst control center stopped working so I retryed and it installed properlly. When I went to open up the catalyst control center it dosn't open. It loads for a couple seconds then nothing. Also when I use my HDMI cable my resolution is set to it's normal 1920x1080 but the screen dosn't fill up my monitor. Help would be much appreciated!

PS I tried reinstalling the drivers and CCC still will not open up :/
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  1. CCC is extremely faulty, so I say go with an older version of CCC and not they newest one. Make sure you've deleted all, if any, driver updates from the 4200 IGP. That may be the cause of all the faultiness.

    also I'm happy I found someone that is doing the same as, so could you message me or something and tell me how your experience went with Upgrading your system, as I also play to buy the exact same card and switch case and a new powersupply. I also have an HP system I've been wanting to upgrade.
  2. uninstall the drivers, and run driver sweeper or driver cleaner to remove all left over files. than restart and try installing again

    (driver sweeper/cleaner needs to be run in safe mode after uninstalling the drivers and restarting into safe mode)
  3. ^I tried that everything worked fine but CCC still will not open up. And I wanted to know if you guys think these temps are straight for my cpu/gpu

    These temps are while I was scanning my system with Microsoft security essentials, When im playing a game my GPU will get up to 61C and the processor shortly under around 55-60C. Also the temp in my room was around 81F
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