Pentium (R) duel core 3.2ghz FSB 1066 mhz problems

wondering why my pentium(R) E6700 duel core 3.2ghz has 3.2 for one core and 1.87 for the other core. my mobo is a Asus p5n d, with a Ultra LSP 550w sli - PSU, - and running the Geforce GTS 450 FPB,

I've overclocked it 15% T 3.69 ghz. and every thing ran fine, but now the two cores are reading 2 different readings. of 3.2 and 1.87, in the system window of win 7, but i went in the device manager and they both were 3.2ghz, right now,. now when i overclock it to 20% it only overclocks one core to 2.14ghz when earlyer i oc it at 20% and it read 3.83ghz, which it ran so hot i had to shut it down and reset it to 15% that it runs fine with this setting, first core always stays at 3.2ghz. the second core is off.

i went back and cleared the Bios and saved everything in the bios that read core 1 - 3.2 and core 2- 3.19 everything went back to normal when I booted into win 7, i restarted back into the bios just to check it and it reads. 3.2 for the first core and 1.87 for the second core. but when i go into My Computer in windows it reads 3.2, and in the Device Manager both cores read 3.2ghz.
Just in the Bios it is two different core readings.

what i am asking is why is this doing it now after i reset the overclock to disable mode.

and iv overclocked my Kingston hyperX DDr2 800 mhz, and everything ran fine.

so if anyone knows why this is happening please give me a holler. oh i am also trying to find the advanced setting for the kingston memory,

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  1. Most likely a software error. (the reading)
  2. rolli59 said:
    Most likely a software error. (the reading)

    yah i have been looking all over to figure this out, can't figure it out. i also was wondering if the one core was bad. but in the device manager it was fine.
    i went back and reset everything in the Bios to the original settings.
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