Dell Optiplex 745 D3.4GHz L2-4M 4G memory

Hello, is this computer a good desktop computer, for downloading, okay gaming, ect.
System Spec Optiplex 745

CPU = Intel Pentinm D CPU 3.4ghZ

Processor Bus Speed = 800MHz

Processor L2 Cache = 4MB

Multiple Core = Dual

Memory = 4G/667MHz

HD = 160G


Windows XP PRO COA

Microsoft Office XP SBE CD & KEY
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  1. basic for games now you will not play the recent games
  2. Thanks :)
  3. It will run Wow on Low/Medium setting if you have a decent graphics card, not sure about this latest expansion though. I think it should.

    It doesnt state theres a gaming graphics card in there so dont expect to play anything more complicated than simple games (Solitaire, Pogo games, Facebook games...) I would see if you can 'test drive' it and try things you normally do.
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