Can z77 Ivy use both chipset & video card graphics in games same time

This is my post reg my third confusion / help in my new PC setup.

My Spec :

ivy bridge i53450
asrock z77 extreme 4
corsair vengeance DDR3 1600 mhz
corsair xv550 SMPS

I have an old graphics card nvidia 9400 gt 1GB. Am waiting for 660ti launch in my locale.

As of now i want to play mid range games. While attempting this i have series of questions,

1) Is my gt 9400 graphics better than ivy 's 2500 HD graphics ? which one should i use ?

2) As with some benchmarks i could play mid games like crysis warhead in low res. with just ivy graphics, Can I?

3) I wonder can i utilize both, graphics card and in-build intel's HD graphics at same time in a game and play ?

4) if not then what is Virtu MVP for, does it only support automated shift of processing from intel HD graphics to video card .

5) if i can play using both then how to do it ? In which port i should connect my monitor ?

Please provide your suggestions.

Thx in advance.
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  1. I believe there is a feature that disables discreet graphics when not needed to conserve power, however, I do not believe you can necessarily use both at once for graphics processing.
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    Yes you can use both the 9400GT and onboard with Virtu MVP, you have to install the software and select it in the bios.
    Connect the monitor to your 9400GT.
    Both aren't the best options for playing games at high res , but they should be somehwat playable at lower resolutions , should tide you over till you get the 660ti.
  3. Yes you are right,
    In the "d-mode" that what lucid virtu MVP says the framerate get increased when we use the Virtu MVP.

    i found some benchmarks

    Aliens vs Predator (DX11) HD 6870 1920x1200 AAx0 High
    60--> Standard In-Game Vsync (FPS)
    100 ---> Native (FPS)
    158 --> Virtu MVP ( Virtual Vsync and HyperFormance are ON )

    Here is the link
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