GTX460 sli which mobo?

I'm planning to build a computer using a gtx460, and then sli it later on. From what I've read about bridge connectors it would be better to buy this which runs the pci e slots at 8x but has an nvidia bridge connector, over a standard amd mobo that runs both at slots at 16x but no nvidia bridge. Is this true? And would I be able to fit two gtx460s on that board?
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    That is a good and a decent motherboard. I am using it myself with a Phenom II x4 955 BE paired with it. I can overclock my CPU at 4.0 Ghz with just 1.40 volts on it (using a hyper 212 plus cooler). The board is a decent overclocker.

    It does SLI 8x 8x. I have it paired with an ASUS GTX 560 Ti GPU. :D
  2. the two options you have are to go with that board (or a similar one) or the better option is to go with an AMD 990 chipset board which does allow for SLI
  3. After comparing them and researching I don't see the $60 more spent on a 990 is really worth it for what I'm building, that 60 would put me over my budget which I'm trying really hard not to do. I'm going to jump for the mobo I had listed and maybe invest the extra money in a better psu so I don't have to buy a new one when I sli.
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