ASUS P8Z68-V LX LGA 1155 Refurbished from Newegg

For $59.99 plus free shipping, I think this is an excellent deal, but i don't know what kind of refurbished is it. How would I go about knowing if it will have packagin and contents of the box included in this? I'm also gonna grab the 1 year warranty too just for the heck of it. It's only additional $10.00

Also, is it a good idea to get a refurb motherboard? I"m building a pc that would cost me about $600. I have already bought the intel CPU 2500K and XFX Radeon 6870. I have read good things about the motherboard.

I couldn't find anything else in this price range. Good idea or not?
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  1. if it's from trusted seller, why not give a try.. you got a waranty for only $10, it's nice to hear.
  2. Refurbished or not (and great deal, or not), I wouldn't get a P8Z68-V LX.

    Do you plan to OC? (I imagine so, since you got a 2500K) Well, that board isn't very good for overclocking. Only a 4+2 power phase design, no heatsinks on the VRM's, and not a very OC friendly BIOS.

    I have the P8Z68-V LE, which is one step above the LX, and besides the fact that it adds heatsinks to the VRM's, it's pretty much the same board as the LX.

    I really wish I had gotten at least the P8Z68-V because overclocking on this board is a bit of a pain. You can only use Offsets for Vcore adjustment and (at least with my specific setup) the voltage needs to be a bit higher than average because of the crap power phase design (and my chip actually has a pretty decent VID programmed into it, so it's not really a "bad" chip. The VID is what Offsets work with, by the way).

    Anyway, it's up to you, I'm just letting you know what you're getting into with that LX.
  3. hey thanks for the reply. The thing is i'm such a newb that I wouldn't know where to start for the overclocking. I am reading more into overclocking and how it works and i got the 2500k for future overclocking. I'm not sure if i want to play around with settings that I have no idea what they do just yet.

    For example, all that stuff you wrote, i barely understood any of it :P
  4. moeszyslak said:
    For example, all that stuff you wrote, i barely understood any of it :P

    :lol: Yeah, I understand it can be a bit confusing, but the Overclocking section here on Tom's is a great resource (even though the guides don't go into using offsets), along with doing some Googling. The good part is that overclocking a 2500K is relatively easy to do.

    And just for your future reference, here's a great guide on Offset overclocking:
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