Which is better: Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon II X2

I think the i3 is better, but I want to make sure, the i3 processor specifically is an i3-370M and I'm also looking at another that is an i3-2330M.
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  1. i3 would win any day.

    The 2330M is a tiny bit slower (0.2GHz difference) but it's much newer so I'd go with it.
  2. The Athlon II x2 has roughly 20% less processing power than a 1st generation Clarkdale Core i3 CPU if both CPU are clocked at the same speed.
  3. English please o_O I don't know much about computers haha
  4. Put simply, he's saying that an Athlon II X2 is 20% slower than an i3.
  5. thanks :D
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