Another 6950 2gb vs 560 Ti problem

Hello, I just can't decide between these two cards, I am a new pc enthusiast. I love playing games, modding computers and I do much of photo and video editing.

The evga gtx 560 Ti DS:
in our country this costs about 13,800

The Sapphire HD 6950 2gb
This costs about 14,000 and I actually found one on about 12,000.

Basically I have these three criteria in choosing a video card:
-How well it will perform on games (i love sweet phys X effects)
-How well it will perform on rendering graphics, photoshop works and video editing
-How well it will look on a windowed case

I heard the 6950 2gb can be unlocked and is faster than the 560 Ti however the phys X factor is just one thing to consider so I remain undecided.

BTW, my current specs:
i7 950
TT litepower 700W
OCZ gold 6gb 1600mhz
Crucial C300 64gb
palit gtx 470 (burned)
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  1. If you're going to get a 2GB version for cheaper than the 560 Ti it's a no brainer. PhysX is more of a novelty than anything else. nvidia might be faster for Adobe but both cards are really fast anyways.

    They're both going to look like slabs of PCB with a heatsink on it.
  2. Hey im gonna buy a GPU too. the best deal i found was on a HD6870. about Rs11,300.. Can to tell me where i can find that Hd6950 for 12k ?
  3. @gow_online: Sorry but I'm from the Philippines.
  4. From the 3 points listed in your criteria, I think your decision is clear. Nvidia.
    What happened to your 470?
  5. well, idk, it just wont work again after fatally crashing. xD. I sent it for RMA for palit to check.
  6. If you can really get the Sapphire 2GB for P12,000 then go for it.

    Performance wise, there is no clear winner. Just look at this link:

    But if you plan to go on >2 monitors in the future, get the HD 6950. If you can find the Sapphire 6950 2GB Flex Edition there in Manila, go for it. It can support 3 monitors out of the box without the need for Display Port adaptors.
  7. I've been canvasing around stores there in Manila and here in Baguio, also I have had professional advise from my professors at school. Almost everyone had similar answer: HD6950 is a cheap high-end video card while gtx560 Ti is a luxury mid-end video card.
    So I got the HD6950.
    And later will use a 260 or 460 as a physX card.
  8. Congratulations! Using an additional nVidia card as PhysX card is tricky since you need to use some hacked drivers to make the AMD & nVidia work together.

    Good luck there too...
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