iPaq 5555 with Motorola V525: Can't browse files...help!

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OK, I have a bizarre problem with Bluetooth that I'm hoping someone
here can help with.

I am able to pair my new Motorola V525 with my HP iPaq 5555 and send
files (i.e., pictures) from the phone to the iPaq over Bluetooth
without any problem.

The problem arises when I select "OBEX file transfer" from Bluetooth
Manager. The Bluetooth File Explorer comes up with an hourglass for a
moment, but then I ALWAYS get an error dialog that says "Could not
create a File Transfer connection with the device".

The very weird thing about this is: I was able to successfully
connect to, and transfer files to, the phone exactly ONCE. Haven't
been able to do it again.

Any advice on what to do/change in my settings? This is killing me!
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.cellular.bluetooth,alt.cellular.motorola (More info?)

    I had the same problem when I was trying to connect my v525 to a laptop. I
    could only send to the phone (right-click on file; sendto; bluetooth
    device). The ODEX transfer "never" worked ... always crashed.

    The reasearch that I did concluded that the success rate for ODEX transfer
    was very poor indeed and that I would be better off using the software that
    came with my Bluetooth dongle ... so that I have the appropriate drivers and
    then download (and use) the Motorola Phone Tools for my PC, which I have
    done successfully.

    I can now transfer to/from ... and browse my phone as if it were just
    another part of my PC. I downloaded the tools from www.motclub.com for my PC
    .... not sure what you will need on the iPaq though.
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