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I have a secure password on my network, but it appears that someone has been accessing my network. I tried updating passwords etc by puting in my browser. I initally was able to access the info needed to update security info. I did this on the laptop and appeared to do it successfully. When I rebooted, I can not access the internet. When I enter the password, it says its incorrect, I reenter it, it says the computer is connected but does not have access to the internet. This might be caused by lowstrength(don't think so, I'm sitting right next to the router) or by an incorrect WEP key. How do I fix this if I can't access the page to update the WEP key? I am able to access the internet through the hardwired computer.
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  1. first you cannot configure the wireless by using the wireless connection.

    second you can reset your router to default manufacturer settings by holding in the reset button on the back.
  2. I didn't think I would be able to access the router from my laptop (wireless). I promise, when I typed, it did took me to the linksys n home router info for update. after reading your message I reset the router, rebotted and entered in to the browser, it let me establish a new password. When I boot up the laptop, it say explorer, not avail. When I chek the radar, I can see my network, when I click on it, I'm asked for a security passphrase. When I enter the password and press connect, it gives me the same error. This computer is connected to linksys but does not have access to the internet. The same reasons for not connecting are the same as before. Any other ideas?
  3. I FINALLY have clicked on enough stuff between the 2 computers and it appears that I have reset, changed passwords, changed the name of the network successfully! Don't know exactly how it happened, but it did!!
  4. "Don't know exactly how it happened, but it did!!"

    I guess that's how we all learned about this stuff originally.
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