Which 6950 Manufacturer?

Hello all,

I've decided to run two Radeon HD 6950's on my new build. I just have two more questions:

1.) Which amount of memory, as it comes in both 2GB and 1GB (I assume 2GB over 1GB)

2.) Which manufacturer should I get it from? ASUS, Sapphire, XFX... link?

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  1. 1) 1GB one performs better on single monitor setups.
    2) XFX.
  2. I have a higher-resolution monitor if that changes anything. I can run games past-2000 pixels... don't know exactly, sorry. I have a few dollars to spend. If I run two of them, are you sure that the 2GB doesn't do anything better on single-monitor?
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    The higher the resolution, the more memory you'll need. For that kinda resolution, better off with the 2GB.
  4. As zero_ said, for anything over a single monitor/anything more than 1920x1080/1920x1200 your better of going over 1GB and looking at 2GB cards.

    XFX and Sapphire both make good cards.
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