Having problems, freezing and BSoD

I've had my computer for about 10 months now. I've recently set the harddrive to slave since I bought a new SSD (Corsair Force 3 60 GB), which that worked out fine. Then I installed an Corsair H50 and decided to do some overclocking. Here's my current set-up:

AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4 GHz | ASRock 870 Extreme3 | Corsair H50 Water Cooler
Samsung Spinpoint 1 TB @ 7200 rpm & Corsair Force 3 60 GB
EVGA GTX 460 (Fermi) 756MB | Corsair XMS3 16 GB DDR3 (8GB at 1333, 8GB at 1600) | Antec Nine Hundred

Ever since I tried to stabilize at 3.8 GHz, it started freezing windows and sometimes BSoD, so I set it back down to 3.6 and 3.4; same thing was happening. These freezes and BSoDs happened anywhere between 30 minutes and 10 hours of turning on the computer.

When I run a PC-Check in the BIOS, it always freezes at checking the Memory (specifically the Module Seating).

Here are my minidump files: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B7MJOGHlpyXmYzYyMmE2NTctYmVjYy00OTBmLWE4NWUtM2RkZWY2Yjc0M2Rm&hl=en_US
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  1. First of all, running memory on two different speeds can always cause unwanted stability issues. So I am not surprised that one of the dumps came back with memory corruption issue.

    To test whether it is actually the case, I'd suggest you to consider running your system only on 8 GB of either type of RAM, if your system stabilizes it would mean we got the right culprit.

    Also to further ensure nothing is wrong with either set of RAM, you can test each set with memtest86+ (http://www.memtest.org/), and stress test your RAM for errors. Hope this will be helpful to you.
  2. Well these problems started to happen when I only had 8 GB of RAM on 1333. I thought the ram was the problem, but when I ran the new set (1600) individually, the problems still persisted.

    It has yet to BSoD or freeze while running on all 16 GB of RAM. Just to note.

    I feel like there is a problem between the CPU and the RAM (this is called the North Bridge, right?). I'm not sure how else to describe the problem.
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