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Clicking noise when open folder

Hi, can anyone please help?

I just put together a new rig. Everytime I use onboard graphic via HDMI, clicking noise come out monitor's speakers when I select an item or open a folder.

This noise is so annoying. It won't go away even after I tried to reinstalled windows, repeatedly updated and rolled back drivers. The only reason I use onboard graphic is for video encoding utilizing Quick sync.

Here are my specs:

Intel i5 2500k
G-Skill 8GB 1333MHz Dual Channel (2x4GB) Cas7
Gigabyte Z68-D2H
ModXtreme Pro 600w PSU
Zalman CNPS9500 HSF
Corsair Force SSD 90GB
Sony DVD-RW drive
HIS Radeon 6770
Sony GoogleTV 32in for monitor <=suck big time

I also want to note that everything in BIOS and Windows is set to default. No overclocking yet. Fresh installed win7 ultimate 64-bit with all current drivers from manufactures' websites. Everything in Device Manager looks good. And I got my A+ in 2000. I guess I'm a bit rusty now while haven't played with PC components for so long.

I'll be much appreciated to take any opinion or suggestion and advice from you guys. Thanks in advance.
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  1. look under control panel sound setting under sound all the sound that windows made are set there
  2. If you go into system sounds you can select what sounds are made for all the actions that are taken on the computer. Open and closing folders minimizing a window then maximizing it , just about everything. You can also set it to have no sound connected to the action. On the task bar click on the speaker , then at the bottom of the window click on mixer and select applications/system sounds.
  3. @scout_03 & inzone.
    Thanks for your advices. I had tried everything as you guys suggested. The sound comes out from my monitor is not windows sound. It's just some kind of distorted noise. It only happens when I click/select on un-clicked icons/folders. And it happens only ONCE on each.
    Can it be the MB faulty or their drivers?
  4. I learned more stuff on here than I did in school. The worst part of this problem is that there's no key word to google for solution. And well, I have this MB from newegg for 6 weeks now, too late for RMA. But overall, this board is pretty good beside this one little annoying problem. I guess I have to wait for someone who had experience with this kind of problem before and should I be that lucky for that person run across this post.
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  6. @scout_03. Wow... You're the man. It's the TP-Link wireless adapter interference. Why didn't I think of that? Haha... Thank you so much.
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