Moved my e-machine k52f now it wont boot just goes beep beep beep every 2-3 seco

moved my e-machine k52f now it wont boot and a black screne just goes beep...beep.....beep every 2-3 seconds NEED HELP!!!!!
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  1. thats all i did was move it from one room to another it was working before i moved it!! hooked everything back up pluged in pc and monitor hit the power button the only thing on the monitor was the e-machine logo just for a few seconds then the screen on he monitor went black then the pc all it would do was beep..beep...beep every 2-3 seconds after 9 or 10 beeps i hit the power button and held it in intell it shut off....i repeated that for 4 or 5 times !!!! i know the beeps and how they beep will tell ya what corse of action should be takin but have no idea what they are !! could the little round battery be dead ? dont even know how to get to safe mode...or if it would make the monitor so i could safe mode i know it has to work even before hard drive kicks in!!! any help would be really appricated at this point......thanx
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