Mw2 no video input

Hello when i play "Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2" i can play it for like 20 min i can't finish a game then my screen Goes Black and say "No Video Input" "Entering Sleeping Mode" It only does that when i play Mw2 i dont know why i can't Find a thread with a solution. and it just started happening now it useurley didnt do it before! :(

My Computer

Win7 64 bit
6 GB Ram
1000 GB
and 4x 2.67 Ghz

So it's not its too slow or bad or anything and the computer doesnt get hot.. And it lags when it's on high Grafik But

In World of warcraft cataclysm it doesnt lag on highest Grafik Plz help me!!!

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  1. WoW does not have as high graphics requirement as COD. Make sure your fans on the cards are clean, check for updated drivers, and turn off power saving mode for your PC.
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