I keep getting DDOSED help please....

I don't know if this is the right section for this but I'm desperate, I keep getting DDOSED whenever I play this game ( Gunz ) I'm playing on a private server and whenever I go against this clan me and my teammate get DDOSED and we lose.

Now I know how they are ddosing us, they are using a network analyzer most likely Wireshack and getting our IPS from there, I know how to do it but it isn't fair to DDOS people just to win on a game.

I'm using a linksys router, I tried closing all my ports and just forwarding the necessary ports to run the game without issues but I still get DDOS, I have my firewall on but doesn't help at all.

Could anyone please help me on this issue? How can I stop them from ddosing me? is there anything I can do?


Sorry if this is the wrong section.
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  1. Anyone help please?...
  2. Amazing that no one can provide me with any help in this huge forum... its been days already.
  3. Unverified said:
    Amazing that no one can provide me with any help in this huge forum... its been days already.

    I read this when your first post appeared and twice since but having carefully searched my memory, DDOSED isn't a valid word in any of the seven languages I can get by in. Maybe other posters have the same problem. BabelFish couldn't help either, I'm afraid.
  4. I'm not too experienced within DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) or DoS(Denial of Service) attacks, but the little I've red up on it makes me think that a bunch of computers requests data, although a very small amount, from your network. This makes(according to my source of knowledge) it nearly impossible for the router you use to filter out IP's to block.

    I do not really have a suggestion, but maybe increasing to WPA2 with a safe password, and getting a stronger firewall may help. Since the attacks seem to be targetted to your router, cloaking your PC's IP might not help at all :)
  5. Stop playing a shitty game on a private server

    Problem solved
  6. +1 to Reaper. :)

    DDoS. Doesn't matter what your firewall is doing. They're bombarding it with multple requests and causing the connections to time out, in turn getting you knocked off. That is one possible trick they are using.

    Another option is that they are doing something in game to cause problems. Not much you can do there.

    Reality of it is that you can't do much if they're bombarding your router with a bunch of requests and causing it to shut down.
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