Two DIMM slots aren't working

Basic info:
Motherboard - Asus P8Z77-V LX
CPU - i5 3570k

DIMM slots 02 and 03 aren't working (assuming 00-03). These aren't linked slots. For color coordination, one is black and one is blue. The right two aren't working.

At first, I tried four sticks Corsair XMS3 (4x2GB 1333mhz) but they didn't work. I tried it in every slot and 00 and 01 worked but 02 and 03 didn't work. I tried mix and matching every possible way in pairs. No go.

Then I tried a 2x4GB of Corsair Vengeance (1600 Mhz) and tried the exact same method as above and only 00 and 01 worked. The Corsair Vengeance is compatible pair with the Motherboard (looked up the list). The Corsair XMS3 wasn't but it still worked.

The DRAM light blinked red every time it didn't work and restarted. Only worked with 00 and 01. I flashed the bios and updated chipset but still no go.

Is it two dead DIMM slots? Should I return the board? I don't think I'll use more than 8GB of RAM any time soon is it not being in pairing DIMM slots going to decrease the performance that bad?

I just hate to dismantle everything pack it up and send it back.
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  1. Anyone out there can help answer this question?
  2. Have you seen the Customer Feedback on the ASUS P8Z77-V LX at It seems to have some quality issues.
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