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Crashing,Is this a problem with my PSU?

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December 1, 2011 4:27:49 AM

So my computer is about 6 days old, I bought it prebuilt from Ibuypower. The specs are

i5 2500k
Asus P8Z68v
EVGA 560 ti Superclocked
G Skill 8gb ddr3 1600 ram
Xion 700w PSU (basically no name)

The system is running water cooling, not entirely sure of the system name, either way my temps have been steady (I give exact numbers lower)

The issue is so far I have had 4 crashes with no BSOD. Auto restart is disabled and small memory dump enabled, 2 crashes happened while auto restart was enabled so I downloaded blue screen viewer and who crashed and had no dump files whatsoever.

3 of the crashes occurred whilst playing Dota 2 the other whilst running prime 95. The crashes just go straight power down then restarts no lag nothing just a complete shut down.

So far for diagnostics I have

1) Ran Memtest86+ for 1 pass with 0 errors, going to run more tonight but don't think this is an issue because of no BSOD

2) Ran Prime95 4 times 2 times with balanced and 2 times with cpu only 1 time it crashed the other 3 times it passed until I stopped it with no errors or crashes

3) Ran Furmark for a decent amount of time, had no crashes.

4) Ran Seatools, had zero errors.

5) Turned on skyrim, dota2 (spectated a match), youtube video, live stream and a streaming music program at the same time and played skyrim with no crash

At this point I am completely lost, During all of this my proccessor temp never went over 51c and my GPU never over 83c at the absolute most stressed during the torture tests. Whilst running Asus AI the mobo never went over 29c.

Any thoughts? I am thinking of ordering a corsair 850w PSU but don't want to spend money that I don't need to.

That is the new PSU I am looking at if it indeed does sound like my PSU.

*edit* I think I have decided just to return the computer and build my own to save the hassle and cut my losses, would still like an answer for piece of mind though :D 

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December 1, 2011 6:23:05 AM

It definitely could be a PSU issue, but you should run more than 1 pass on MemTest. Sometimes memory errors can be intermittent and will only show up after multiple passes. Try running MemTest overnight and see if it produces an error. If the memory is error free after many passes, then I'd say it is most likely a PSU problem. If you have an extra PSU lying around, or a friend who has one lying around, try swapping it out and see if crashing persists, that way you can confirm it is a PSU issue before you buy.
December 1, 2011 7:44:10 AM

If you have a no name PSU then you are asking for trouble. People try and save some cash on the PSU cost and end up paying for it in endless trouble. You really should buy a quality PSU or you can never really rely on your system. I think it will be the PSU and you should be aware that a dodgy PSU can damage other components in your system.