GA-890GPA-UD3H boot loop problem

So I just bought the 890GPA-UD3H a few days ago from a friend. And I have it running as we speak. But everytime I go to boot Windows 7 it shows the logo and loads for about 2 seconds and then goes to a black screen and then takes me to the repair screen or whatever. The screen that appears when you don't shut your computer off correctly. Anyway. The motherboard is fine because my friend reassured me that it worked by showing me right before i bought it. and I trust him. I have tried to change the onboard sata ctrl mode to all of the options available. but idk if I changed all of the settings to the same type. I reset my HDD to factory settings (pretty much a fresh install of windows. Correct me if im wrong) I have a 600w psu that came brand new today. I have my cpu (phenom 6 core) down to about 2.2ghz at 57c because my heatsink is a bit pathetic :) and im running this pc as a no case pc. If anyone can tell me a possible way to fix this. That would be great!
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  1. you already exactly reinstall os for this motheboard or just apply older os (with factory settins as you saie) to it? Before repair screen, you probably see screen showing options to enter windows normally, you can try it to enter your windows without no need of repair checking your system.
  2. I just restored it to factory settings. So I guess that isnt considered reinstalling (Deep down I knew that). But, the repair screen isnt my problem. my problem is that windows wont boot. Repair check didnt work for me. Im running a memory windows diagnostic right now. Im almost out of options. im beginning to think that it is my hard drive that is the problem.
  3. SOLVED: I reinstalled windows. Works perfectly now. I knew that was what I probably had to do. I just wanted to see if there where any other solutions first.
  4. congratulation ~ :)
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