Please help about upgrading amd processor

Hi guyz,
i plan to upgrade my Processor .. please help me out

my current one:

my current Mobo:
Cpu support List for it :

i plan to buy this after 3-4 months:
Cpu support List for it:

Been following the "best gaming cpu for money" for quite a while..,3077.html

based on this .. it recommends the Phenom 2 x4 840 & the Phenom 2 x4 955

i just updated my BIOS to F6 on my current Mobo..

Q1> which processor is like more value for money .. the 840 or the 955 ?
Q2> for my current Mobo the 840-c3-95w-3.2GHz is fully supported as well as in the 990x ..but the 955-125w is not supported in my current Mobo ..only the 955-95w one is .. so which one should i look to ..that shall last me another 2-3 years?
Q3> My requirements are gaming @ 1920x1080 [getting a geforce gtx 560 soon] & running virtual machines in vmware [2-5 hours a day]..
so which processor is better ? and WILL THE 955-95w CAUSE BOTTLE NECKS?
Q4> whats the difference between 955 : 95w & 125w .. lol .. suddenly the 955 95w is gone from amd phenom 2 page ?
Q5> Config: the mobo mentioned above + Corsair hx 750w + evga gtx 570 or 560 + the phenom 840 ANY BOTTLENECKS? especially with the graphics? ALL compatible with each other??
please suggest
thanks :)
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  1. 1. right now, the ph ii x4 955 is of better value.
    2. if you're building for 3-5 yrs, get the 990fx with a 955 black edition. you can upgrade to a better fx successor when they come out.
    3. for gaming, a 560 is a good choice. you'll need sufficient amount of ram to run virtual machines.
    5. 955 is a better cpu than the 840.
    skipped the bits about comparisons between 95 and 125 w 955s, don't know much about the 95w one.
    get a good cpu cooler (if you don't have one already) for the 955.
  2. whatever you decide to do, make sure the current BIOS supports the new processor before you install the new processor.
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