New System within 70,000 Indian Money or $1555 USD

Guys am a new member here in this forum.....I have been following this forum n website for quite a while....
Now my thing is dat i need help building a new rig....

Heres my requirements n consideration:
Mother board(P67 or H67)......will not SLI or CrossfireX nytime.....decided dis after reading this,2995.html

Proccessor-i5 2500k
Ram- Corsair Vengence 8GB/16GB
HDD- 1TB/2TB HDD from Seagate(Barracuda)
GPU- MSI GTX570 OC Twin Frozer III
PSU- Corsair TX750 / GS700 / GS800
Case- HAF 922 / Storm Enforcer
Keyboard- Microsoft X6
Mouse- Microsoft X5 or Razer DeathAdder
Headset- Creative Fatal1ty
CPU cooler- CM V6GT / Thermaltake Frio / CM 212 plus

These are the things that I am thinking of.........any of your addition or subtraction or replacement will be appreciated.......
I have this query that....does SSD actually decrease the boot up time...if yes then i would like to consider a 40gigs model as a boot drive only

Thank you in advance n please suggest n help
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  1. 1) SSD will boot windows much faster than HDD
    2) If you dont want to SLI or Crossfire, you wont need more than 500w PSU with a single GTX570
    3) HDDs - Samsungs 1TB SpinPoint F3 is recommended over SeaGate's Barracuda (although personally i own a SeaGate Barracuda and have no issues with it at all).
    4) What motherboard do you plan on buying? (your link doesn't work)
  2. I have fixed the link.....
    Thanks for taking time to reply
    Well i really didnt fix any mobo as yet bt ppl r suggesting Asus P8P67!!

    D reference 570 needs a 550watt according to Nvidia.......

    I hav this ques in my mind
    Do u think going for a cheaper Phenom2 X4 n n buying a GTX 580 will help.....??
  3. ASUS is a good manufacturer. However, z68 boards offer more features than a p67 and at a very comparable price. So id take a look at an ASUS z68 (unless P67 IS a fair bit cheaper in which case go for the P67).

    Measured power consumption with a GTX 570

    System in IDLE = 181W
    System Wattage with GPU in FULL Stress = 369W
    Difference (GPU load) = 188W
    Add average IDLE wattage ~ 25W
    Subjective obtained GPU power consumption = ~ 213 Watts

    The most power drawn from the system was 369w. Although you want to use as little stress as possible on the PSU (60% i believe is optimal) 500w would still be enough. You could always bump up to a 550w/600w if you wanted to for peace of mind at a small price increase.

    Processor: Personally id stick with the i5-2500k over an AMD. In terms of gaming performance, im not sure which would give more between:
    Phenom2 x4 + GTX 580
    i5-2500k and GTX 570

    Maybe someone else can advise you there :)
  4. Well first of all Thank u for ur reply.... :bounce:

    well d price of Z68 is about 90-100 US Dollars i.e Rs 4-5000 INR more therefore i considered P67.......act i was on H67 first......Btw can u pls tell me what are the the advantages of Z68 over P67 over H67??

    Nd about the PSU Hw will be Corsair GS700 I want to keep some good Headroom for I will be using the PSU for the next 5yrs b4 any change.......
    And lastly

    Do u think d 1.25GB will be enough for 1080P HD resolution......Or shud i Get a 2.5GB version from EVGA...... :D

    Nd will dis much of Vram(1.25GB) bottleneck the GPU?? :o
  5. Best answer
    H67 - only GPU can be overclocked, not CPU
    P67 - no on-board video but CPU can be overclocked
    Z68 - combination of both boards + SSD Caching feature.

    More detailed comparison here:

    PSU - Personally id push to get a 850w PSU, it will be a fair bit more expensive, but it gives you loads of headroom and will allow for a second GTX 570 to be added in SLI if you ever choose to upgrade. (if this is a route that appeals to you, make sure your motherboard choice supports SLI - some of the cheaper ones only support crossfire).

    1GB is more than enough for 1080p.

    i5-2500k wont bottle neck a 570. They will actually run very well together.
  6. THank u Again for replying

    Btw i was thinking over 580 as a not sure though coz its $612 if i get lucky n my father generously gives dat much den a refernce cooler wud be worth it ryt......coz at 612 dollars i will get a Zotac reference card!!
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