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Asus K52Jr-X4 versus Gateway NV75S17u

I am planning on buying a low budget gaming laptop and came up with these two laptops. However, i do not know which laptop is better and I hope you guys could help me out. I do not have much experience with computers, laptops, etc. and I wish to learn the difference between the two laptops.

Here is the link that compares the specifications of these two laptops.

I am quite new to this forums and I hope i didn't put this topic into the wrong category. Sorry if i have done that.

Thank you.
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  1. Actually, that link is for a whole page of laptops. But go for the laptop that comes with the fastest garphics card (chip actually) you can afford. The link below will provide a hierarchy chart of graphic cards, including those in laptops. They will be listed under the "Mobility" catagory.,3042-7.html

    Here's another site:
  2. Thank you for your answer :)

    So it wouldn't really matter if i get the i5-430M or the A8-3500M?

    I am not really a hardcore gamer but I would love to play Skyrim and currently am playing League of Legends. Would any of these two laptop would be enough to play these games?

    The two laptop I was trying to compare was:

    Asus K52Jr-X4

    Gateway NV75S17u

    The stated that the amd radeon 6620g from the gateway laptop can handle better graphics so, from your response, I am guessing that the gateway would be a lot better than the Asus K52Jr-x4?(Just trying to make sure :D

    During my research of laptops, I heard that there is a difference between integrated and dedicated and I believe that the dedicated is a lot better.(If i researched it correctly) Which thus arouse the question if the dedicated ati 5470m is much better than the integrated amd 6620g.
    OR should I just trust the site :kaola:
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    You researched correctly. Dedicated will almost always out perform integrated graphics. But gaming on a laptop is always a limiting factor, simply because of the lack of room to put a powerful graphics subsytem like you can in a desktop. But in the case of the 2 you selected, the Gateway with the 6620g will be more powerful for gaming.
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