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Onboard sound Vs. Soundcard

So I bought my computer with a sound card pre-installed from Dell, it's the Creative X-fi Sound Blaster Xtreme Audio sound card, but I just noticed today that my computer came with a Realtek HD sound card already on the computer. Would it be more beneficial just to use the on-board soundcard then my X-fi? I currently use Logitech 5.1 speakers too, if that helps at all.
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    Well, the Xtreme Audio is basically a re-branded Audigy 2, so its close. In terms of pure analog signal quality, the Realtek is superior, but due to the differences in audio processing, you may prefer the output of the "X-fi" instead.
  2. Is there some kind of test I can do to figure out which one sounds better?
  3. I actually just switched my speakers over to Realtek HD Audio, and I think i'm actually hearing an improvement in my audio o.o I guess this is what I get for buying a crappy soundcard :D
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  5. I have an ASrock ext3 gen3 and use the optic out on the mother board.

    I had an Audigy 2zs Platinum (with front bezel) ... which I used to use to record from a mixer (L/R Aux in 2) ... and I'd use the head phone jack previously. All that under my XP system.

    I upgraded to this board in December, and did manage to install drivers for the A 2zs from Creative, but the thing only works sort of.

    1) As noted in the original quick start guide, DVD AUdio will NOT play out the optic OUT connection. ONly Analog output is possible.
    2) MIDI input works fine using the expander interface in the back, but
    3) I can't seem to get the Optic IN or the Aux 2 in on the front bezel to work ... I REALLY want to use either an RCA or tos-link input for recording sound; I don't want to use a mini plug.

    SO given that I'm happy with the mother board HD Realtek audio output, (but there is no SPDIF in), is there a quality INPUT (only) option for doing halfway decent stereo recording? I don't necessarily need optical IN, however, the receiver i'm using (JVC RX7000V) is capable of output a digital audio signal if need be.

    I use the SPDIF out on the mother board, and send it to the DVD digital audio IN on my receiver; I let it decode the dolby/THX from a DVD; otherwise, I have surround Sony Speakers and a 12" Sony powered subwoofer; a Dayton Audio center channel, and some rather smallish rear satellites.

    SO, i'm ready to sell the Audigy 2zs if need be on EBAY ... but I do need to replace it with probably an MAudio MIDI interface, and as I said, some sort of fairly capable input interface.

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