Change or not my cpu...

I have an unlocked quad core amd phenom 2 x2 555 and a 5670 GPU with a PSU of 600w from OCZ ...What i want to ask is whethet my cpu is ok for games and whether should i change it for an intel one???Or maybe change the GPU???Any suggestions??
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  1. Post a budget please.
  2. About 300 euros maybe a little more but around there... :D
  3. Phenom is working with all cores!!How about GPU??
  4. That's wide open; newegg must have 300 or more video cards. EVGA and a few models have lifetime warranties for registering online. And I would post a separate budget for the video card and list your favorite games. You can get a decent ddr5 1 gb card for around $125.
  5. your unlocked phenom is more than enough for gaming but your gfx card is holding you back. i would probably go with this card if i were you
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