Problems with my build

Before I start I would just like to say I have already read the sticky with the 14-15 steps to check with an intial startup.

Current System...

Case: Antec 300 (mid)
CPU: Intel I5-2500k
GPU: Radeon 5770
PSU: Cosair GS 600
RAM: G.Skill DDR3 1600
MoBo: MSI P67a-GD65

I just recieved all my parts yesterday and proceeded to put them all together. When complete and go to power on the system starts up and runs and then powers off. About two seconds in between each cycle I would say. As I said before I checked the 24 pin and 8 pin connectors, all the connections plugged in are secure and in the oppropriate place as per the mobo manaul. So I am at a loss, ive already taken it apart once and put it back to gether just to make sure I didnt miss anything. Any Ideas...

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    Any bent CPU pins? I had the same problem with a MSI board I had bought.
  2. Nothing visibly appears to be bend, however I
    Noticed then connector for the power switch and reset switch set crooked, I figured I just didnt have them on all the way
  3. Did that fix the problem?

    When I had the issue I just returned the board and bought a different brand and then everything worked.....
  4. I'm powered up now but it's not reading my hdd so one problem down now to the next k guess
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