Cant install win 7 on xp machine

with xp running I only get win installer had a problem and must close.If I try to boot from dvd I get 0X80070017 error
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  1. You can not install Win 7 directly from insode XP.

    Boot to the Win 7 DVD and *not* into XP. You should find the option to make your optical drive the first boot device in your computer's Bios. Set your Optical to 1st. Then your HDD to 2nd.

    Insert the Win 7 DVD into your optical drive. Then Shut down and restart.

    Boot to the Win 7 DVD, and let it do it's thing.

    Select "Custom Install", and turn it loose.
  2. Back up your data before you begin, and be aware that you'll have to choose and install an eMail client because Windows 7 doesn't have one.
  3. Thank you but I tried that and I even formated the drive and it still will not work.
    It is an acer laptop 5610
    4 gig ram
    2.1 mghz
  4. A quick Google search leads me to believe that your laptop uses a Pentium T2060 CPU which is not 64-bit capable. Are you trying to boot from a CD that has the 64-bit version of Windows 7? That would be a non-starter, you'll have to use a 32-bit CD to boot from.
  5. Yes it is a 32 bit machine
    however the win 7 disc I have has an option for 32 or 64 bit install.
    Thanks Pete :sweat:
  6. My understanding is that if you buy the OEM version you choose EITHER 32- or 64-bit when you make your purchase.

    If you buy the retail version, you get TWO discs - one for 32 and one for 64-bit (you can only use one disk because you only get one license key).

    I'm not aware of any ONE disc which can install either version.

    Are you sure you don't have a 64-bit disc?
  7. Yes I am
  8. Most of the reports I found with Google for this error code were solved either by reburning the DVD or by using a different DVD drive. So it looks to me like the problem is that the disk can't be read.

    Is this a burned disc or one you purchased? If burned, try reburning it at a lower speed. If you're burning it from a downloaded image, you might want to try downloading it again in case the first download was corrupted.

    If not, do you have another DVD drive you could try?

    If none of that works, I'm thinking you may have to return the disk to the place you bought it and ask for an exchange.
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