May have bought too fast of ram?

I recently purchased

along with an i3-2100 cpu.

I didn't look as closely as I thought, and just noticed that the i3 only supports up to ddr3-1333.

Am I screwed or what? Will I have to send the ram back and order a 1333 kit, or ..?

This is the first computer i've ever built and I've already screwed up =/
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  1. I think the RAM speed limit is limited by the motherboard. Some motherboards only support 1333 (with others through overclocking). Some motherboards go clear out to 2133 and natively support it. To be sure, what motherboard do you have?
  2. MB:

    Memory Standard:
    DDR3 1333/1066

    I'm so dumb, and wasn't paying close enough attention -_-
  3. Mistakes do happen (nothing is perfect, by the laws of physics even). You should be able to return the RAM (though you may get hit with a restocking fee for this (if this is too much, you might be able to sell it)) and exchange it for 1333 RAM. The 1333 RAM is cheaper, though not by much.

    Edit: An alternative is to exchange the motherboard for one that supports the 1600 RAM, or, better yet, a Z68 board with native 2133 support. Of course, the exact decision on what motherboard you'll get or even what to replace is yours. Be sure to check compatibility. When in doubt, ask or search the net.
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