Minimum Nvidia Card for PhysX?

Soooo what is the minimum card series that I could use for PhysX? I have some old cards laying around and will throw them in for PhysX if I can. It seems like the only game that Iwould probably play now with Physx would be GRAW2. This would be in addition to my GTX560ti.


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  1. any card, i have a gtx 275 but only because it is my old card.

    a 8600 or 8800, a gtx 260, doesnt really matter, as long as it was good in its day, it will work, but dont go back before the 8xxx series
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    In fact, r3xx3r is correct but not all 8xxx-series cards are created equal. Only the 8xxx-series cards with the G92 based chip can support Physx. Examples of cards that i know are below:

    Cannot support Physx:
    8800GTS - 320 meg
    8800GTS - 640 meg

    Can use Physx:
    8800GT - 512 meg
    8800GT - 1 GB
    8800GTS - 512 meg
    8800GTS - 1GB

    Not sure:
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  4. Its to bad you got the best answer. I'll bite, why can't the 8800GTS 320MB be used as a PhysX card?

    Edit: So that I get this in before this thread gets locked. Here is what Nvidia says about PhysX.

    The minimum requirement to support GPU-accelerated PhysX is a GeForce 8-series or later GPU with a minimum of 32 cores and a minimum of 256MB dedicated graphics memory. However, each PhysX application has its own GPU and memory recommendations. In general, 512MB of graphics memory is recommended unless you have a GPU that is dedicated to PhysX.

    This means the G80 based 8800GTS cards will handle PhysX just fine. You could even use a 9500GT as a PhysX card, or an 8600GT. As a dedicated card these cards would be fine. You wouldn't want an 8600GT to handle PhysX and game duties however. The OP talked about using a dedicated card however so any card that has 32 shaders/cores and at least 256MBs of memory on the card will work fine.
  5. Too bad any of you got best answer...

    "This would be in addition to my GTX560ti. "

    That does PhysX already, why use another card ? -.-
  6. Some people like the idea of having a second card handle the PhysX while their main card can handle the gaming duties. I agree that if you have a card as beefy as the 560TI you probably don't need another card to handle PhysX. If you want to max out Metro however at 1080, you might need some help.

    Edit: Before some wise cracker gives me crap, look at this.

    1200 is pretty close to 1080, 1080 will run it just a touch faster. Notice however they are using AAA and not 4x or 8x AA. This means it is not maxed. If you want to max it out and have PhysX enabled AND get close to 60FPS, it will help to have a second card handling the PhysX.
  7. Here is a link to support my statement and a quote from that link is below...

    its just not even worth trying.. you may see some improvement but its not enough to even bother with the extra power usage and heat.. the G80's never got full cuda support.. the G92 gpu was the first true 100% cuda gpu.. its why the G80 even to this day only supports mpeg2 and VC1 hardware accel while all the other chips from the g92 and on support both plus h264 and xvid hardware accel.. but thats just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to cuda support.
  8. Linking some guy from some forum? First, you have no clue what his knowledge might be. Seeing as he thinks the video decode has something to do with CUDA leads me to believe he isn't as smart about GPUs as he thinks. Second, because he fails to include any evidence to support his belief I'm not sure how much I would believe him. Third, he doesn't say it WON'T work, which is what you said. You said,

    Only the 8xxx-series cards with the G92 based chip can support Physx. Examples of cards that i know are below:

    Cannot support Physx:
    8800GTS - 320 meg
    8800GTS - 640 meg

    The 8800GTS will work as a dedicated PhysX card. Nvidia says (and I believe Hard showed it to be true) that you need a 9800GTX+/GTS250/GTX260 to max out PhysX, while other cards will run it but not max. He is correct that it might not be worth it when you consider power and heat. For the record I never said it would be worth it either. I was simply trying to point out that an 8800GTS/G80 chip CAN run PhysX.
  9. I dunno man, I just know that when Nvidia originally offered Physx support on their drivers, the G80's were not supported, only G92 and up. I had one and ended up ditching it to get an 8800 GT so i could have Physx.
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