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I need help determining if my PSU will work with a GTX 560ti (500w min) or GTX 560 (450w min)..

Trying to upgrade GPU without spending beyond the card itself.

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    Assuming no overclock maybe.
    A couple of caveats. I don't trust OEM PSUs. A lot are very liberal about the use the 80 Plus Certifications. I don't trust passive PFC , anything with a red switch in the back, PSUs. It's old technology and usually the first sign of a cheaply built PSU.
    Now then should you be an optomists in regards the the quality of this powersupply i.e. assuming it can actually deliver its rated 475w of power without blowing up then yes it has the wattage. It doesn't however have the recommended 12v 38 amp requirement.
    In short save yourself the trouble of a damaged MB/Video Card and buy yourself a quality 500w PSU.
  2. What is your CPU, mobo, RAM?
  3. Cards like GTX 560ti and GTX 560 are very demaning on PSU. These cards deserve a quality power supply.

    For only $59.99 you can get a 500W Corsair PSU.

    CORSAIR Builder Series CX500 V2 500W ATX12V
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