AM3+ Upgrade?

I hope to not irk the posting of the guys who always say "go with Intel", but I just have a question for those who are a little more familiar with AMD's new platform.

I know that "Bulldozer" has been tested against the Intel i5, but I've seen all the results from the stress-testing but how does this show real-world performance?

Looking at the Bulldozer architecture, you'd think the family would do better (even with "eight cores" or four Bulldozer modules). Each module essentially has a shared cache between the two cores so theoretically, would eight cores behave as four?

I read somewhere that there's an integrated memory controller and the processor series can support 1866 MHz DDR3 speed natively, but I still prefer my 1333 if it means I get a CAS Latency of 7-7-7-21.

How does it compare against the Phenom II series? Was AMD a little too hasty in naming a new flagship to carry the company? I currently have a stock-clocked (because my mobo sucks ass) 965 Black Edition that doesn't exactly max out a whole lot (except during the loading of a level for BF3) but can it match or beat performance of the FX-4100 in terms of real-world (aka gaming) performance?

Final Question: In your opinion, did AMD stumble out of the gate on this one?
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  1. AMD's plans are changing.
    According to recent news. So we stuck into a monopoly from Intel for some time on x86 architecture but I think you know better than everyone in this forum according to your post above ;)
  2. AMD has royally screwed this one, go Intel if your looking for any kind of gaming upgrade over Phenom II you won't find it in the FX series. The FX 4100 is slower than a Phenom II 945/Llano A8 3850 despite have a 600mhz clock speed advantage. IPC is lower in Bulldozer than it was in K10, it requires more cores and higher clock speeds to out perform Phenom.

    I've currently got a Phenom X4, Athlon II X4, Phenom II X4 and X6, my next upgrade will be Intel. I've owned Athlon II X2, Athlon X2, Athlon 64, Athlon Xp, and Sempron in the past, until Bulldozer I usually recommended AMD builds. Now I recommend Intel.
  3. loneninja said:
    until Bulldozer I usually recommended AMD builds. Now I recommend Intel.

    I've been there :cry:
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