Intel DZ77RE-75K Raid 0 Trim


Wondering if someone can help, I understand Intel have released trim support for raid 0 setups for the Intel Series 7 chipset.

Does the Intel DZ77RE75K motherboard have the correct chipset for this.

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  1. Yep, the Z77 chipset with the latest Intel RST (version 11 and later) supports TRIM in RAID 0 in Windows 7; latest drivers ->
  2. Hi,

    thanks :))

    I have 3 ssd's, plan to raid 0 them, well 2 of them, any advice about the best way to do this,, cant decide on either having the primary boot raided with 2 drives, or having 1 single ssd as boot, and raiding 2 ssd's for storage.

    thank again
  3. RAID 0 is the absolute worst form of RAID for storage; if any drive fails you lose everything instantly.
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