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Hey guys, today i reformated my pc for the first time in AGES... anyway it went all good and stuff...
I went to get on the internet to redownload everything and well... heres the problem

Im currently connected to a D-Link modem in the rooimn next door by a RTL8168/8111 Family PCI-e Wireless card.
It all was working fine and dandy till the reformat now i get that both the network controller and the above is missing hardware a.k.a drivers.. ive tried to reinstall the drivers for the RTL but it just doesnt work and i have no idea about the network controller.. im on vista home atm and yea

So if anyone can give me ANY fixes it would be much appreciated beacuse all this networking stuff is sorta new for me :sweat: so im not really sure exactly what to do.. D:

Oh and when i do try and install the drivers it says that they are working fine and updated to the correct version D:
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  1. Have you tried here:

    The wired network controller may be part of the chipset -- need to find the driver for the motherboard probably. If you get really stuck, replace it with a new one that comes with a driver disk -- PCI network cards are cheap.
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