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i got a Azza Solano 1000 case today and was wondering what you could mount on the bottom as an intake fan 120mm or less is to small, and i cant find it in the manuel or any sites about how big it is, dont wanna buy something and it not fit

its the second picture and it goes right behind the power supply

i know that it has plenty of fans, but i want to make it look nicer with more blue led's
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    Yes, a 120mm fan can be installed down on the floor of the case

    The floor is similar to that of the fractal R2 case(The Define R2 can take a 140). Just a heads up, some fans may make more noise sucking through that vent, rubber fan isolators seem to help, but will cause some air from the case to be sucked in as well.

    Last thing, watch out for some of the longer power supplies on the market as they may cause fan installation issues.
  2. pull out a tape measure and measure it (note it isn't a diagonal measurement like on TVs & monitors)

    Since the back is a 120mm fan, I'm guessing that the bottom is a 140mm. The fronts are 140mm so it makes sense that the bottom is also 140mm.

    the review has a better picture which makes it obvious it is a 120mm (also it says so in the review)
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