Novatech iForce - Value for Money?


Could anyone let me know if for £1259.00 that this rig is any good?

I want to be able to play Battlefield 3, Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 to name a few at max settings with 50 FPS+. Also will it last me a few years with being able to play games at max settings?

It has a Intel i7 and GTX 580 which I've heard are more or less the best money could buy.

I have a budget of around £1600.00 but I need a monitor as well.

I looked at Cyberpower but the amount of options is overwhelming and I have no idea what to choose. I don't want to build my own PC as I would like the security of a warranty although I am getting less for more in the process.

What would you do if you were me?

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  1. Do the site let you customize the build?

    i7-2600k will give you any extra performance in terms of gaming. You want the i5-2500k because it's pretty much the best performance at the right price.

    They give you 16gb ddr3 1333mhz. The sweet spot is 1600mhz and any more than 8gb ram is pretty much overkill.

    I don't know if they offer other hard drive. We usually recommend the samsung spinpoint f3 1tb because it offers better platter density which translate to better performance.

    I have no idea how novatech psu performs... so no comment about this other than considering to buy something from antec/xfx/cosair/seasonic.

    The motherboard chosen is: so you can sli with dual x8. I would probably just get the gtx 570 and add another one on. 750W is enough to power it. I wouldn't suggest overclocking anything too much though.

    Consider this: It's a lot cheaper and it uses a corsair 750w which is reliable. The motherboard supports dual x8 so you can pretty much just buy a gtx 570 and run sli. SLI gtx 570 pretty much matches up a gtx 590.
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